Anonymous asked:

Yes, Bruce knitting, characters knitting is my favourite thing. I had a headcanon that knitting was one of the main things that helped Bruce stay calm while he was on the run and he picked up yarn from wherever he could and gave all the scarves and gloves and blankets to the people he looked after while they were ill, and he made little soft toys for the kids and, basically, Bruce knitted everything. And when he moves into Stark Tower he keeps knitting and he donates it to whoever needs it.

hms assbutt Answer:


THISΒ is a headcanon I’ve had since forever because just OMG bruce knitting soft things and giving them to people because he likes to make people feel warm and safe and he gives them to clint like in that little picture i linked and clint loves them, even thought Bruce bundles him up like the kid from Christmas Story, and basically, anon, yes, yes, a thousand times and resounding YES.

headcannon bruce banner is a knitter